Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monet's Quilting Arrangement

This title can apply to both Monet's set-up in her apartment to make room for her quilting (see her blog here for more information), as well as the afternoon she spent figuring out how to arrange the blocks for her next quilt. (It also sounds like some strange sort of marriage from the 17th century.)

Monet came over this afternoon to work out how she'll arrange the blocks in her next quilt. We cleared out my dining room floor, evicted Piper, and started arranging. The blocks are sooo pretty! And it's amazing how different they looked in each configuration. Also, my geometry skills are not as bad as I thought! We did pretty well reconfiguring each pattern! (What's next? A rotary cutter and a gridded cutting board? Holy cow.)

Monet also gave me some of her scraps, which makes me so happy -- I love getting people's scraps and mixing them up together.

I've used my Expert Photoshopping Skills and blurred out the quilt so as not to ruin the surprise when she's finished and posts it on her blog. This is Monet, arranging the secret blocks on the floor:

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