Wednesday, June 22, 2011

first post in blogland

I've never blogged before, but (of course!) I've been reading blogs for so many years, and it's such a good place for ideas and inspiration, especially in terms of writing and sewing. I've learned so much from those who blog about quilting.

I've been finding a lot of great stories lately, and funny moments, and people whose voices and ideas I want to share, and thinking about things that I want to bounce off of other people. So, here I am.

Helllooooo! (I can hear my voice echoing off the walls! I hope to find you on here soon!)

This is what I made this weekend, while waiting for my car to get fixed at the dealership. I'd bought some pretty jersey cotton at Gather Here and made a skirt of it, then made this headband for my sister with the leftovers. I appliqued & reverse-appliqued it in the spirit of Natalie Chanin's Alabama Stitch, to which my talented friend Amy introduced me a few years back. It makes me happy.
(I don't know who designed the fabric, but I bet Laurie does!! Laurie, do you know?)

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  1. That fabric is my 2nd favorite collection of all time - City Weekend by Oliver and S for Moda! I love the scarf - that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!