Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hand sewn

I've been doing a lot of stitching by hand, and my wrist is sore. So, today is for writing here instead, forcing myself to give my arm a break.

School is starting soon (any day now!), and I'm still relishing in the work-mode I got into while here this summer:


I started a new project, and wrote lots on a project that was already underway. Lucky times.

More to come soon, as teaching gets underway, but I'm also REALLY looking forward to this show, which Danielle Krcmar, Babson's Artist-in-Residence, and I co-curated. Most of the quilters are part of my book, which is coming out oh so soon...And I'm looking forward to seeing them, and their quilts, in person!

Sept. 18-Nov. 1, with an opening and artists' talk on Sept. 18 at 5pm in Hollister Hall foyer at Babson College.